Friday, December 12, 2008


I must say I am having a really nice ride selling my albums on ebay. Everyone has been so nice with the feedback. It really makes me feel good. Especially when I look at other peoples albums and see how talented they are. Some of the projects I have seen on peoples blogs are AMAZING! I have just never felt I measured up to their creativity and artistry, but I guess everyone has something that they are good at. Everyone can look at projects and see different ways to make it work. I think that is why scrapbooking is so much fun - because you are the creator of the project so you can be free with and do it your way. I went to several others blogs today and really enjoyed spending time with the artists and getting to know them. Atleast I feel like I know them, even tho they are complete strangers. After I finish writing this I will post some of the albums have sold this week. Be safe!

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