Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, we are home for another day. No school tomorrow either. 70 of the schools in our district are without power. My daughter is loving it! My bank account is NOT! No work no MONEY!!! Guess I better get busy and list some scrapbooks on ebay. I have a link to the current items I have for sale on ebay to the right of this blog. You can also email any special requests, using the link at the top right! Thanks again!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not that we can take a road trip in this weather. I tell you when our state finally gets the snow/ice we do it right. We are in a state of emergency. We are being told to stay off the roads etc (and you don't have to tell me twice!) because of the ice and snow. Over 8000 people in the city are without power because of down power lines. So, far ours has just flickered. Our yard looks like a war zone - down trees etc. JUST LOVELY! I will post some photos later of the wintery mix (My daughter is choppin' at the bit to go out and take some photos -YES, I have created a monster!)

Don't forget if you would like your own album to display some of your own fun wintery moments (like a wintery ice storm) - just send me a special request via the link at the top right corner. Feel free to recreate any of my layouts for your own personal use. THANKS! Keep warm.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've been tagged....

Fairycake Cards tagged me in the photo tag. (thanks - this will be fun) .......

Ok so this seems to be spreading super fast around the blog world....."all you need to do is go to the place where you keep your pics, choose the 6th folder and the 6th Picture, pop it onto your blog and explain!" easy peazy!

The photo above is the one in my 6/6 - it is of my daughter playing in the leaves this past fall (I say playing - she says - doing all the work while I took photos - whatever!)

Okay here are the five I tag................




Stamping Cafe


Enjoy! Don't forget to pass it on to five others.....


We got a SNOW DAY! My daughter is super excited (but the snow is more an ice mixture, so her dream of building the perfect snowman, has been squished!)!

I stayed home with her, since school is closed - and my dh skated and slid on to work. (If I don't work I don't get paid - so he had to go today ;p).

Enjoying a lazy day. Made me think of Spring..................

Monday, January 26, 2009

I received another gorgeous blog award from Valems. Thank you so much Valems! I appreciate it very much! Though I'm sure I don't deserve so many awards, it surely made my day! Thank-YOU! Thank-YOU!

I'm not sure what are the rules, so I'm just going to pass this award to 5 more great bloggers.

Lori (loree2000 SCS)
Lisa Foster


Here is another album I made for ebay. I had fun making it. Once again using a lot of my scraps.

I am trying not to get my hopes up - but we maybe having a SNOW DAY tomorrow. So - I may get to blog ( I really get inspiration from looking at others creative ideas and layouts) a bit more tomorrow and work in my craft room. YES!!!!! Of course, I am sure my daughter is going to want to go out and build a snow man if we get the 6 - 9 inches they are calling for. I can already picture my scrapbook page - featuring her snowman......have a great one!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SMILE - 2009 (SOLD)

I had a really fun saturday scrapping. I got to finish a special order for a customer, and shipped that off. She actually wanted me to just add the papers and she wanted to create and finish the embellished parts. I say YEA! I have hooked someone else down this therapy path of addiction!!!

My dh and I took our daughter to see a movie. We enjoyed dinner while we were out, so that made for a fun family day together! My other addiction - FAMILY TIME!

After I came home and took a much needed NAP! I got up and finished some albums for ebay. I wanted to make a shabby one for 2009. Something with just left over scraps from other projects. These photos show what I came up with.

By the Way, thanks for all the comments on my new blog/header layout. I give all the credit to my dh - he is so very creative himself - especially when it comes to computer stuff. Keep in mind, if you want to customize your blog - he is very affordable. Just like me and my scrapping - it is therapy for him!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bye! Bye! Training Wheels.

A couple more of my favorite layouts from 2008 is when my daughter learned to ride her bike without training wheels. This brought her much happiness and joy. A moment we couldn't let get away. Enjoy....if you would like to recreate this layout, feel free or if you would like me to design one for you - just let me know.

More Blog candy....

I am finding all sorts of awesome candy giveaways today. This is my favorite though....have you all checked out Zoe's blog??? She's only 8 years old (same age as my daughter - so that is even more awesome). She is giving away some blog candy because her counter hit over 5000 hits AND she has an article on scrapping published in her school newspaper. How awesome is that??? Please go check it out........just incredible!

BLOG CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is offering up some major blog candy! You will have to go and check it out! So...what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning?Easy!!Spread the word by adding a little message on your blog so everyone else can have a go too!!Then leave her a comment on her post, to let her know you want to be entered...She will pick ONE winner at random on the 2nd Feb, so you have until the end of Sunday 1st Feb to enter....Good luck!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008 - A Year In Review

I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of my favorite layouts that I put in my 2008 album. I usually have some small mini-albums along the way, and then one album devoted to any vacations. The yearly album is just of fun family days, weekends and gatherings that we enjoy together with family and friends. Enjoy! (Oh, yes - I was too lazy to take them out of the album - so hopefully you can get a pretty good idea what they look like ;o).

The one layout is of my daughter and her Granny. I am so glad I have this layout. Linda actually got to see it before she died. I am happy for that! Little did I know how much the caption would mean to us just a year later.

Feel free to recreate these layouts for yourself or if you would like me to design a layout or album for you send your request via the link at the top right corner! Thanks and Happy Scrapping!

Some single layouts......

Summer fun here we come!

Be Silly Today!

If someone calls you weird, just say thank-you.

Two Page Layouts.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I got one mini-book ready for ebay. I listed it today. All the others I have listed have sold. ;o) I have even got several special orders! YEA!!!!!!! BUT, that leaves me not getting any of my pages finished. I think that is what I a me going to focus on this week. If you would like to place a special order or check out my current ebay auctions - use the links at the top right corner. THANKS!

I did give two of the recipe albums out, one to my dear step-moms sister and then to her daughter. They loved it! It brought tears to their eyes because the recipes were in her own writing. I also incorporated some nice photos of Linda in there. It still just seems so unreal that she has passed away. I still have 10 more albums to finish....(these are the Recipe Albums I am doing for all of my step moms family, she passed away in October and she was an AWESOME cook. So I am trying to keep her recipes still in our lives).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You for the Award!

First of all I would like to thank my dear blogger buddy Wendy for this great award! Thank you so much Wendy!

And I would like to give this award to...
(this was very hard to narrow down, because you all rock!)

The Tucker's and Wolek's

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Karinas Scrap

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Showers, Baby Showers......

Well, guess what??? It is baby shower time... I think the best little gifts are ones we make for others. Now, I know you agree, because I have stopped by your blog, I have seen those beautiful cards you are making. AWESOME!!! I am still on this mini-book kick. So, for now I am going to keep that going COME ON SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogaversary....

I stopped to visit Three Clovers Designs blog today and she's got a blogo-versary going on and is offering yummies. I mean YUMMIES! Holey Moley! How "fattening" is that? This is one of the best give-a-ways I've ever come across. However, there are some rules to follow in order to win. Why not take a look for yourself. Hey, would I kid you?????

More blog candy.......

Yum! I found a place to try to win more candy. Here is the link a comment and then link it to your blog!!! Hope one of my blogger friends win.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coaster albums.......

This summer we took our daughter and three of her friends to a local amusement restaurant called, "Incredible Dave's" - they had a blast playing there. When we got home though, it was raining and they were "bored" and they couldn't go "swimming" Blah! Blah! Funny how kids can get bored so easily (LOL). So, I ran down to the computer and printed out each of the girls, a set of photos that I took from the days activities. I had some coasters on hand that I got in the hot spot section of Target (gotta love target and their dollar area) and I punched some holes in the corner. So I gathered up some tape, ribbon, binder clips and some other embellishments - put all the items out on the dinning room table and called the poor little bored girls into the dinning room. I gave then all the things I had gathered and told them to work on a Memory book of the days activities. THEY HAD A BALL! Each of the four girls did an album. They all enjoyed it, they all made it special to them. They all looked different and unique. Now when they have a bored rainy day, they can pick up their albums and enjoy the memories of a fun summer day.

Feel free to recreate these albums for your own use or if you would like me to make a coaster album for you just use the link at the top right, to request a special order. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Special order finished....

I had a previous ebay customer ask if I could create her a special mini-book. She wanted a english garden theme - with lots of flowers. She also wanted chickens and clocks mixed in as well. She liked how I put little word on safety pins, she requested - Live, laugh, love - so I attached that to the front of the book on a ribbon. I think it turned out nice. It was kinda a mix of ideas, so that was fun to do. Then I made a bunch of pull outs for her that revolved around flowers and jouranling.

If you have a special request or order, please use the link at the top right corner to place the order. Thanks