Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our New Addition

Well it has been over month now, but we adopted another Shih-Tzu pup. At first Raisin was freaking out. Even our vet said that it would take a few weeks for them to mesh, because Raisin thinks she is a human and is still wondering why on earth you brought this dog home. Originally her name was Jaycee she was already 6months and named. Well we changed it to Muffin. Yep, so we would have a " Raisin Muffin " - yes I know, Just let it go. ;o) She has fit in so well, the night we got her spayed was the worst - but now she is healed and she is soo much fun. She has caught on to everything - the steps, going outside - EVERYTHING. Yes, as spoiled as Raisin. So now we have two pups that think they are human. Oh well, there could be worse things - right? Right? Raisin and Muffin just play and romp. We had to take Muffin in for shots and while she was gone Raisin just laid at the front window whimpering the entire time. They are now very close companions. I love seeing them together - I always felt Raisin was lonely when we weren't here. (Atleast that is one of the bardering tools I used on my husband ;o) . Have a great weekend - I got to get to my craft room - I sold 3 more albums on ebay yesterday - which only leaves one on there. Oh, the sacrifices I have to make - all day in my craft room - sheesh! Hee! Hee!

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