Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mystery Envelope Swap

I joined in a Mystery Envelope Swap over at The Altered Paper (creationsbytee.blogspot.com). You receive an envelope full of goodies from your swapping partner and then you need to use 75 % of the contents of the envelope on a project. ATC, or postcard, tag etc. Above is what I received from AJ over at missouridaze.blogsot.com

This is what I had left

This is a post card I created with the Monkey themed envelope that she sent to me. I thought the M worked well since my last name is Miller, so I made it as an invitation to come to the Miller bash.

Witht he remaining goodies I made this little gift tag. Sorry my pictures stink but I had to used my phone to take the pictures because my dear darling daughter ran the batteries down in the camera making videos of her LPSs.

Is anyone else but me having problems with blogger??? I can't get a link to take in this post to save my life!


Almost Precious said...

The paper challenge was perfect for you. You created a marvelous invitation card from it that is so cute. It's truly adorable.

Blogger can be maddening. I've not tried to post anything today so don't know if it is acting up or is just being stubborn. The last time I posted it took me several tries before blogger would download my photos. I kept highlighting the photo I wanted and then would click the add button and NOTHING. Did it over and over and after at least 5 or 6 tries it gave me my picture. arrggg !!!

Lea said...

What a fun idea! Love the little monkey!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a fun idea! I loveeeeeeee that monkey...and knock on wood... no blogger issues lately! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Mary Ruth said...

You are so crafty it's insane!

And, yes, Blogger has been a total booger to me for days. Ugh!

Jo said...

Oh I just adore the little monkey! and it sounds like such a fun idea!!!

KateB said...

interesting challenge for sure-am not sure I could do it cause people always send me crazy stuff! cute monkey even though I'm afraid of them!

The Altered Paper said...

Love what you created! Nice Card & Cute Monkey! Hugs,Tee