Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks Kath!

Thanks Kath Parker for this challenge I have to go to a folder with a title starting with the letter 'K' (for her name) and to find the 11th photo (as the letter 'K' is the 11th letter of the alphabet).

All I can say is this brings back some memories..this is of my daughter when she was a week or so old - as you know she is 8 now! What a cutie she is! No matter what age!

Anyone who wants to play along must go to a folder starting with "J" for the starting letter of my name and then to the 10th folder because "J" is the 10th letter of the alphabet). ENJOY!!!!


Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

What a cutie! I'm playin in this one, my Grandaugher is Jade!

You paper bag album above is wonderful. It's so simple yet looks so full of good stuff! No wonder you have people chomping for it!

Anonymous said...

AWWW! What a really sweet baby!! Congrats on your other award too!! :)

Kath Parker said...

Oh what a cutie your daughter is gorgeous